All members of the Collegiate Recovery Community are required to attend a one hour seminar class weekly. Seminar classes are led by a faculty member from the Department of Health Promotion & Wellness. Seminar classes are focused on behaviors and qualities essential in the development of enhancing students' long-term sustained recovery. Seminar topics will be considered from behavioral, mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual perspectives in order to provide students with the groundwork to achieve academic success at a collegiate level.

Recovery Night

MSU Recovery Night is an all-recovery speaker meeting that meets weekly on campus and is open to all who are interested. Recovery Night provides Mississippi State University and the larger community an opportunity to hear stories of recovery from a wide array of perspectives. During the Fall and Spring semesters Recovery Night meets every second and fourth Thursday at 7:00 PM in McCool Hall, Rm. 128. (Recovery night is sponsored by a local coffee shop or eatery from the local Starkville community.)

Sober Tailgates

The Collegiate Recovery Community provides sober tailgates at Mississippi State University for members of the CRC and anyone else on campus that may wish to remain sober for a home game during the fall semester. The tailgates are located at the Collegiate Recovery Community House (140 Magruder Street). Please join us for food, fun, and fellowship.